Members of the association

Who we are

The Association was founded by a group of friends who want to support Father Pedro in his fight to restore dignity and hope to the poor of Madagascar.

When we got to know Father Pedro we were won over by his energy, his sense of justice and his great spirit. We were inspired by the thousands of children singing and dancing with incredible enthusiasm during his popular Sunday Mass.

Father Pedro is in constant touch with us. He travels regularly to France and Italy and is always available to participate in conferences and events in order to share first-hand with those who want to help and talk about his work for Akamasoa, the community he founded in the hills of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

Our mission

Members of the non-profit Friends of Father Pedro Association volunteer to support Father Pedro’s work to overcome poverty in Madagascar. We help to promote the well-being and self-sufficiency of families who live in the villages of Akamasoa or who ask for temporary assistance through direct support to projects entirely undertaken by local people.

As set out in our statutes, our Association pursues the goal of social and humanitarian solidarity in the areas of social and health care, charity, education and protection of civil rights.

Brochure of Friends of Father Pedro


Our statutes

All the rules, regulations and by-laws, including the structure and scope of work, of the Friends of Father Pedro Association are contained in the statutes (available in Italian only).

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