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How you can help

Your support can help improve the living conditions of families and children in Madagascar. Father Pedro’s work is focused on helping poor people from the capital who live in the village of Akamasoa as well as families in the south of Madagascar who do not have access to basic services and goods.

Thanks to your support and contributions, the ‘Amici di Padre Pedro’ Association provides vital assistance to Akamasoa through activities to improve the health, education and general well-being of the villagers. The association also aims to raise public awareness of the plight of the poor in Madagascar, including in the country and to relevant institutions.

Projects for 2016

Help make these projects happen – even a small contribution can make a big difference!

To locate a project site, just look at the map of the Akamasoa villages

  • Building 80 new homes
  • Establishing water lines in Andralanitra, Mahatsara and Antolojanahary
  • Constructing 10 new classrooms
  • Bringing electricity to Antaninarenina and Ambaniala
  • Finishing the high school at Tolotra
  • Increasing the welcome center in Mangarivotra
  • Renovating the special welcome center in Mahatazana
  • Enlarging the basketball court in Akamasoa City
  • Building a paved road in the village of Ambaniala
  • Renovating and painting 100 homes in Akamasoa
  • Reforestation in Safata, Antolojanahary and Manantenasoa
  • Tarring 2 basketball courts in Bemasoandro
  • Building a small market in Safata
  • Constructing an office for the Director and professors at Safata high school
  • Renovating the Vaingaindrano Center
  • Constructing 100 toilets
  • Building a new kitchen at the welcome center in Mangarivotra
  • Making 500 school desks and benches
  • Constructing two changing rooms, meeting room plus 10 toilets and showers at the Bemasoandro sports center
  • Building a paved road to Villa Saint Paul
  • Constructing a maternity ward at Manantenasoa
  • Maintenance for 12 schools in Akamasoa : painting, replacing 100s of broken windows
  • Building a community wash basin in Akamasoa city, Antaninarenina, Antolojanahary and Bemasoandro

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