2015 Spirit of Service Award Presentation

Father Pedro at St John’s University in New York In an enthusiastic display of support for St. John’s and the young men and women it serves, the University’s 18th Annual President’s Dinner drew 860 alumni, friends, faculty, students, and administrators on October 29, raising $2.1 million in scholarship funds while honoring those who embrace the Vincentian […]

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Preparing the dance for the celebration by Friends of Father Pedro Association, on Flickr

Celebration of the 25th Anniversary

AKAMASOA means “good friend” in Malgasy, the language of Madagascar. It is also the fabulous story of a fight against poverty started by Father Pedro, an Argentinian priest, 25 years ago. AKAMASOA is a community just outside Madagascar’s capital city Antananarivo where today the poorest of the poor can live in dignity. Where families who dwelled in slums […]

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Friends of Father Pedro Opeka
Via Montaione 40 - 00139 Rome, Italy