Humanitarian association founded by Father Pedro

AKAMASOA means “good friend” in the local language of Madagascar and tells the amazing story of solidarity.

Akamasoa is the humanitarian association established by Father Pedro in Madagascar in 1989 to fight poverty and enable the economic and social well-being of the poorest of the poor. Akamasoa has 5 welcome centers around the capital city of Antananarivo made of 17 villages where nearly 3,000 families have settled (more than 15,500 people – over 60% children under 15).

Father Pedro was convinced that the homeless, deprived of everything, could not find dignity and self-sufficiency unless they themselves were the main players in their story of recovery. For this reason, the families sheltered in the villages of Akamasoa must commit to daily work and send their children to school. In exchange, Akamasoa provides services to help them integrate into society:

  • Jobs : construction of brick houses, crafting artisanal objects, agriculture, carpentry, mechanics and welding
  • Homes: over 2,000 houses
  • Education:kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, a higher-education institution
  • Health care: pharmacies, clinics, medical centers

Today, thousands of families live and thrive from their work thanks to Akamasoa and many people from the villages near the capital have benefited from the association’s health facilities.

Those who want to go back to their village of origin receive tools and paying for transportions. At least 1,350 families returned to their hometowns!

Friends of Father Pedro Opeka
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E-mail: info@amicipadrepedro.org