Over more than 25 years Akamasao has changed the lives of thousands of families by focusing on housing, health, education and employment – essential that can help build better lives and brighter futures.


Akamasoa provides temporary shelter to families who are deprived of everything and cannot sustain themselves: basic health, food aid, work tools (for agriculture, crafts, mechanics). Families who stay longer in one of theAkamasoa welcome centers are initially placed in a wooden hut while awaiting a brick house. Providing decent accommodation is an essential priority for both physical and moral well-being, and gives children a chance to study in suitable conditions. Therefore, an ambitious construction programme was launched to build brick homes, a first step towards helping these families.


In the villages of Akamasoa there are 6 pharmacies and 1 dental practice. The medical staff of Akamasoa includes 7 doctors, 1 dentist, 3 obstetricians and 22 nurses.


One of the main objectives of Akamasoa is to help adults find a real paid job so that they can sustain their family needs and become self-sufficient. Inside Akamasoa employment can be found in quarries used to produce paving stones and bricks for buildings and roads; traditional art craft, which is supported by workshops and training colleges: embroidery, making hats and bags, weaving. In addition, there are classes to learn about construction work: bricklayer, carpenter, street pavers, painters, tile makers. As well, many people are employed in community activities: agriculture, breeding, teaching in the Akamasoa schools, doctors, social workers and administrators.


One of the principal aims of Akamasoa is to guarantee compulsory schooling for children from primary through to high school. The schools and higher education institutes of Akamasoa are recognized by the State. The cafeterias, which operate all year round, provide a healthy meal for all children who attend. Three professional centers (wood working , metals, general mechanics and car repairs) train young people who choose to learn a trade.


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