Over more than 25 years Akamasao has changed the lives of thousands of families by focusing on housing, health, education and employment – essential that can help build better lives and brighter futures. Housing Akamasoa provides temporary shelter to families who are deprived of everything and cannot sustain themselves: basic health, food aid, work tools (for agriculture, […]

Father Pedro


A life devoted to the poor Children rummaging through waste in a huge dump; their stench so strong, animals don’t even come near. This was the sight Father Pedro first saw in 1989 when he arrived in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. With no money, but with a huge promise, he told these poor: “Together […]

Who we are

Members of the association

The Association was founded by a group of friends who want to support Father Pedro in his fight to restore dignity and hope to the poor of Madagascar. When we got to know Father Pedro we were won over by his energy, his sense of justice and his great spirit. We were inspired by the thousands […]

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Helping to fight poverty

Since 1989 Father Pedro Opeka, a priest from Argentina, has committed himself to help the poorest people in Madagascar. Thanks to his continuous work “Akamasoa” was born, a community just outside Antananarivo, where families living in slums and collecting garbage to survive can find a real hospital, a school for their children, a brick house, a job to earn their living — a dignified life.

It is difficult and extraordinary work which would not have been possible without the contribution of volunteers and the support of donations from all over the world.

The association “Friends of Father Pedro” aims to support the work of Father Pedro and help Akamasoa achieve new projects in Madagascar and combat poverty.


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    Madagascar: hope after the dump

    TOJO HAS JUST RETURNED FROM PARIS WHERE SHE HAS SPENT TWO YEARS IMPROVING HER KNOWLEDGE OF FRENCH THANKS TO A SCHOLARSHIP. Despite a job offer to remain in Paris, she has chosen to return to her country, Madagascar, to be close to her people. When she was nine years old, life seemed to have condemned her to an irreversable path. […]

Friends of Father Pedro Opeka
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